Prodotti in cartone per bambini. Designed and made in Italy 100%.
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Is RIALZOO safe and durable ?
Yes. Safety is our aim. Designing a Baby Product requires to strictly respect Safety Rules. That’s why we made RIALZOO making safety tests and obtaining all the possible certifications on the product and on the materials used. RIALZOO is TÜV Italia Tested (independent certification company, which offers certification services in the areas of quality, energy, environment, safety and products).
Should RIALZOO get wet or dirty what happens?
One of the most important making step gives RIALZOO a water-repellent finishing, except on the edges. That’s why protective bands are provided inside the packaging, which, when applied on the edges accessible to your baby, do not allow the cardboard to be damaged by food, dirt and liquids.
Is the cardboard sharp?
No. Rialzoo is TÜV Italia Tested according to UNI EN 16120, which making specific tests confirmed that the product is not dangerous in any way for babies.
How can the cardboard be so light and so durable?
We choose this kind of cardboard after R&S tests made side by side togther with families, with our manufacturing company and with the TÜV Italia certification company.
Our aim was to underline the aesthetic-functional performance of a material often wrapped up in preconceptions that tend not to be enhanced it as it deserves. Too often cardboard is exclusively linked to an eco-sustainable ethics.
The lightness of a cardboard product and its surprising resistance are RIALZOO added value. Top quality virgin fiber cardboard is used for the safety of your children.
How heavy is RIALZOO?
RIALZOO weighs 900 g. Together with its packaging and accessories it weighs only 1.4 kg.
How long does it take to assemble and disassemble RIALZOO?
At the begininning you only need to learn the product. The first assembly of the cardboard elements, on average, is completed in about 2 minutes by reading the instructions. Then you will be ready to complete it in about 30 seconds.
Safety bands and accessories must be assembled and inserted only the first time, in an average time of 3 minutes, after which RIALZOO can be assembled and disassembled with the bands and accessories inserted.
Le fasce e gli accessori di sicurezza possono essere inseriti solo la prima volta, dopodichè potrà essere montato e smontato con le fasce e gli accessori inseriti.
What is the maximum load for RIALZOO?
The legislation provides that RIALZOO can be used for a maximum weight of 15 kg.
In any case, the product has been tested with much higher loads.
RIALZOO is truly 100% made in Italy?
Yes. We strongly wanted it from the beginning because we believe in the value and quality of our Nation. To the detriment of a higher production price, every single component, from the instruction sheet to the labels, was created by Italian Companies. For the production of RIALZOO we directly involve 6 Italian companies.
Is RIALZOO patented?
Yes. Thanks to the innovative method of assembling the interdependent elements composing it, RIALZOO obtained an invention patent (n ° 102017000010403) with a completely positive report from the European Patent Office.
The product also boasts 3 international design models.
Can Rialzoo be used only at home?
No. RIALZOO is extremely versatile for any domestic environment, but it also fits very well in public places (bars, restaurants, etc …).
It can not be used outdoors and in humid environments or at high temperatures.
May I use RIALZOO in my car?
No. RIALZOO can be used only as a booster seat.